Personal Telephone Readings.

Normally I would not put this on my list of links, but I feel strongly this
is one person who is honest and will do a good job for you.

If you want a telephone reading from someone who can tell you about your
past, present and future life or lives, you need to talk to my friend Helen.
Helen is a wonderful, warm, giving and loving, single Catholic mother and

She is very spiritual and from just your name, she can read your energy or
the energy of the person whose name you have given her.
Helen is very good at health readings and is open minded to all the various
ideas that interest us.

I have had many readings of various types and Helen has always been the most
honest,  accurate,  and answers my questions better than anyone I have
contacted before.

She says she is not so much a psychic but a empath and she reads energy. She
does not channel this or that enity or person.
I asked her how she does it and she said, " Sometimes it is a feeling,
sometimes she hears the information and sometimes she sees symbols etc ".
She often times will actually make contact with one of your own guides and
gives the information.

She does this without a actual set fee, but love offerings are always
welcome if you can
afford to send one.

When people ask me how much would be a good amount to send her I always
tell them that $30-40.00 is a good amount, and its much less than many
others charge.
If you can't send the suggested amount, that is ok, she appreciates all
donations large or small.

The reading may last anywhere from 30 minutes to well over a hour. If she
do it at the time you contact her, she will tell you when it is convenient
to call her again.

Due to rising costs of everything, Helen does not make the phone calls, you
can call her
but it is very important to note the time that she is available.

You can call her any day from 9 AM to 8 PM Pacific Time we are in Salem,

She screens her calls so if you hear a recording, wait and announce yourself
example ( this is Ms. Jones and I got your number from the internet )

If she is home she will pick up the call and the rest is between you and
If she does not pick it up, then she is out, please leave your name and tell
when you will call back.

If no recording comes on, she is on another call.

Thank You.

This is the name and number.
Helen 503-316-6948